Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reverse Engineering dot net source code

When I found this tool I was amazed and too shocked to see that my software can be easily decompiled and easily read without much effort. It's so frustrating actually. You put so much effort and brainstorm to develop a logic and put it into a piece of application and safeguard your code in some place so that no one can get their hands on it. But this tool did it.
It's a great tool if you think in a cracker's and hacker's way.
But if you think the other way it's a piece of shit that you want to dump it forever.

I wanted it too. But later I learnt about a way to obfuscate my code. At least Microsoft provided me with some way to hide my logic in a way that it can be hard for some novice cracker to decompile it easily and make me look like a fool. It was a sigh of relief actually.

In my next article I will try to compile something about obfuscating in dot net. Please visit soon.

Click here to download Red Gate's Reflector.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remove connection limit in winxp

Many of us must have experienced the problem of connection limit in windows xp. Windows xp pops up with some message saying that the connection limit is exceeding or something like that. Normally by default winxp allows 10 connections per second. So the 11th connection to the computer where windows xp has been installed will be denied. According to microsoft this limit has been imposed in order to prevent rapid spreading of worms so that a worm may affect only 10 computers at a time. Don't understand why they did that, but still it can impose certain limitations to the worms from affecting so many computers at a time.

This patch here can be useful to change the limit of connections in win xp.

click here to download the file.
Or if you want more details and do it manually you can click here

This file is the property of concerned developer.

This patch is provided herwith without any warranty.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

usb device not recognized

Some day ago I had a problem with my windows xp. When I plugged in my pendrive it showed unrecognized device or something like that. I had the same problem previously. I simply formatted the os and reinstalled it. It solved my problem. But this time without having to format i simply unplugged my power cables and my usb port cables from motherboard. But make sure you know how to plug it in back.

Just wanted to share it with you guys.

Monday, June 15, 2009


This documentation and sample is provided here for learning purpose.

Encrypting data with the Blowfish algorithm
by Bill Gatliff, Courtesy

For vb6 sample on blowfish algorithm click here

Friday, May 1, 2009

Neo caption in visual basic

This sample is really cool.
It's amazing to see how great you can make your vb forms look great. rocks man.
It's been downloaded from

click here to download

command bar binary

This binary is required by most samples downloaded from for toolbar

click here to download

Editing MP3 ID3 Tags in visual basic

This sample is provided here to demonstrate how to view and edit id3 tags of mp3 files. ID3 tags are generally the tags used by music developers to store additional information such as title, album, artist, track, genre...... and by mp3 players to display the information in the players.

click here to download


This binary is required by various samples provided here, which have been downloaded from Download this sample if necessary.
click here to download

Enabling XP Theme in visual basic

You can enable xp theme in visual basic using a manifest file. Basically manifest file is an xml file.
click here to download manifest file.
You can download the file and rename the filename with the name of your exe and placing the file where your executable exists. Then automatically windows enable xp theme for that application. Remember the name of the manifest file should consist of manifest as extension. for eg. your_app_name.exe.manifest

When you use manifest file to enable xp theme in visual basic, there might be some problem using visual basic controls, like when you use radio button inside frame. So it is better to enable xp theme using windows api.
click here to download the sample

Cool explorer in visual basic

This sample provides information on creating a cool explorer to browse through disk files.

click here to download

Ado Samples in visual basic

This sample provides information on using ado with visual basic and data reports.

click here to download

Getting drive names from Visual Basic

This sample shows how to generate informations about drives using filesystem object in visual basic.

click here to download

Sending mail from visual basic

This sample shows how to send mail from vb using CDO.

click here to download

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shutting down computer using visual basic

Api sample on shutting down the computer in visual basic.

click here to download

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

VB Mouse Wheel Addin(Mouse Scroll Support for VB IDE)

How to use it

Just register the dll using regedit32.exe
1. copy the dll VB6IDEMouseWheelAddin.dll into system32 folder
2. Go to run
3. Type regedit32.exe path to dll
Enabling Add ins in vb
4. Now open VB
5. Go to Add-Ins
6. click on Add In Manager
(You will notice an addin added to your list called MouseWheel Fix)
7. Click on it
8. Check Loaded/Unloaded and Load on Startup from Load Behavior
9. Click on ok

click here to download

This file has been downloaded from somewhere. So the property right is reserved with the author of this addin.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Uninstaller demo tutorial

A tutorial on using windows Api in Visual basic 6.
This is a very simple sample/demo of uninstaller which has been created using vb 6 and accessing windows api functions.
It is just for a learning purpose.
I created this when I was a newbie in windows api. By using windows api functions you can do a lot more than visual basic 6 has offered to you.
So check this out.

Click here to download

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Registry Tweaks

Registry Tutorials
This is a very basic version of registry tweaking manual. You can use it for learning purpose and tweak your windows setting that you may have wondered "how can we do it".
Upgraded version with more tweaking tips and tricks will be available soon.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oracle Sql Tutorial